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Failed Murder-For-Hire Suspect Faints After Hearing Verdict

A woman on trial for a botched hire-to-kill fainted when she heard the outcome of her trial. Diane Lovejoy of Carlsbad, California appeared to faint upon learning of her guilty verdicts in a botched murder-for-hire trial. Lovejoy was found guilty on multiple counts of conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder related to her then-husband being shot by a third party, Weldon McDavid Jr., a skilled gun range instructor and former Marine infantry arms instructor.

Both Lovejoy and McDavid were found guilty and face 25 years to life, and 50 years to life respectively when they are sentenced on December 12th, 2017. Lovejoy and her husband at the time, Greg Mulvihill, had been going through a long and heated divorce battle in court with accusations of abuse and drug abuse as they vied for custody of their child.  Ultimately Lovejoy ordered to share custody with Mulvihill and ordered to pay her husband the sum of $120 thousand.  Subsequently, he was shot only weeks before he was due to receive payment.

The prosecutors told the jurors how they believe the evidence shows the shooting happened.  It was said that Mulvihill received a phone call from a burner phone that they later verified was actually purchased by Diane Lovejoy so that the shooter could call her husband and lure him to his death.

It has been said that McDavid called Mulvihill on September 1st, 2016 late in the evening and told him that he was a private investigator who had some dirt on him and that if we wanted the master tape he would have to come retrieve it on a dark dirt road that night.  The defense claimed that this premise was used only to help bolster claims Lovejoy would have in court that Mulvihill had something to hide and that McDavid only shot when he claims Mulvihill shouted that he had a gun.

This was the key arguing point for the case, whether McDavid meant to shoot Mulvihill or if he was either responding to a threat of Mulvihill having a gun, or trying to shoot a light out of his hand.

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One anonymous juror said that amid the multiple excuses they heard McDavid give as to how and why Mulvihill was shoot, that he seemed to be quite clearly lying, to the point that his claims were ridiculous.

Another juror said that the most damning evidence they heard was testimony from Lovejoy's own aunt who recalled Lovejoy asking her if she knew of someone who would shoot or murder her husband previously.

Ultimately, the juror said, that the defense simply could not provide a plausible reasoning for most of what they were accused of and their stories seemed way too far-fetched for what the jurors determined.

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