Fake Mother Of 2 Caught Panhandling Drives Off In Pricey SUV

We've all heard stories about those chosen few panhandlers who make money hand over fist from pretending to be poor and asking for our hard earned dollars to help them in their times of need.  There's nothing wrong with being poor and in a time of need, but there's a huge problem with someone being a fraudulent scumbag who claims to have two kids, but doesn't really have them. This chick is being exposed via the power of the Internet and social media.

The panhandler's name is Amber Porter, AKA Amber Holly, and after a local Burlington, NH website brought her story to light, they have been inundated with photos and information about this lady and her male accomplice.  

Turtle Boy Sports offers a hilarious description of this lady and her tasteless doings.  Despite her multiple iMessages (yes, apparently she has iMessenger) begging (slight pun intended) not to have her story constantly splattered on the Turtle Boy Sports pages, they post every single bit of correspondence they have with the brazen panhandler and it's pure gold.

If she's out there begging for money, then that must mean she's poor, right? People who have an iPhone aren't poor? Or are they?

Amber has been outed with a myriad of photos of her holding her panhandling sales pitches saying she's a mother of 2 who has fallen on bad times and that any help is appreciated.  Well isn't that special.  It turns out that internet sleuths uncovered that she has a grand total of ZERO children.  Oh, that's not disgusting enough for you?  How about the photos of her and her male accomplice trying to roll their fat selves up into their late model Jeep SUV after a long, hard day of begging for change?  Yep, she went there.  Round trip! I guess anything for her is a round trip considering the girth of her. Usually poor hungry people are on the skinny side. I don't know how a fat person can be poor and hungry. They usually lose weight after a few weeks or years on the street. Makes sense when you're barely eating.

In her correspondence with TBS she offers a slew of asinine excuses as to why she does what she does and even attempts to defend how she is "fat" (Turtle Boy's words, not mine!) yet poor and sometimes hungry.  Hold on a minute - people who are fat are well fed. People who are well fed probably eat a lot of food. A lot of food can sometimes cost a lot of money. Jeeps cost money too. Jeeps can also hold a lot of food and both of them can cost a lot of money. How much money is this woman taking from people that she can afford a Jeep and be well fed?

She says that she gets up especially early in the morning so she can see a counselor so she has enough time to claim her panhandling turf before the other beggars get there.  Why doesn't she just get up early and go to work? Oh, that's right. She does. Her job is a professional panhandler. Why get a real job when she's living the high life by standing still against a public street sign, sometimes awake, sometimes asleep and propped up by the sign post.  Yes, she falls asleep while begging for money.  She can't even beg right! Maybe she eats a full turkey for breakfast and falls asleep like everyday is Thanksgiving. She should have her neighborhood over for dinner with all the money she's taking.

What's more, is she allegedly has enough money to pay for a legal team as she slings threats at TBS of a lawsuit for "deformation."  And before you ask, yes, I typed that correctly.

Her Facebook page is littered with disgusting pictures of this scandalous woman in all kinds of makeup and posing with her beloved high society cuisine, Wendy's.

In some of her Facebook messages to TBS she admitted to having a drug problem.  If that's so, continue to get help, but please don't stand on a corner, lying about having kids and your reasons for wanting handouts, essentially robbing people of money they earned from an actual job.  You know, the kind where you do something productive while you're still awake and you receive money for the time and work.

I know what she should do. Stop taking people's money, robbing their good deed for the day, and get a job.