Fake News Alert! Ariana Grande was not injured or bloody in Manchester

A fake news article went viral because it contained a picture showing Ariana Grande covered in blood and suggested that it was taken after the Manchester Arena terrorist attack. Ariana Grande was not harmed in the incident, but fake news websites posted the picture anyway as it gathered a lot of attention and went viral.

The explosive terrorist attack happened in the foyer area of Manchester Arena as fans were leaving the Ariana Grande concert. News websites and channels reported on the incident that took place and also stressed on the news that Ariana Grande was safe and not hurt during the attack.

22 fans sadly died during the attack. This left Ariana Grande feeling horrible and blaming herself for what happened.

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Following the show, people took to social-media platforms, like Twitter, to try to track down loved ones. (In some cases, this worked and was a nice reminder of the goodness of humanity amid a tragedy.) Grande, who was unharmed and has reportedly canceled the rest of her tour, however, didn’t comment on the attack for several hours. In that time, a photo of her — covered in dirt, face streaked with blood, and clutching her clothes and a purse — began circulating online. It’s fake, a years-old paparazzi photo from Grande’s work on Scream Queens.

It's so easy to fool fans on social media with the use of one photo. Sometimes people share things without realizing that its a fake.

The picture that people shared is an old photo of Ariana Grande from her work on Scream Queen's. It circulated around the Internet suggesting that she was injured in the attack at her concert in Manchester.

When people circulate fake news and images like this, then it can often cause a distrust by the public. It doesn't take long for the public to dislike or not trust people after too many times of being tricked by fake news. This can give legitimate websites a bad name because now people who have been tricked will become more skeptical of what's being posted. They may accidentally think something is fake when its actually real.

Some of the fake news stories go viral very quickly this can cause people who to receive and share false information. That's not OK when a terror attack has been unleashed and people want to know about the safety of their loved ones.

Fake news websites used the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert to share an old photo of her and make it look like she had been injured. But she wasn't injured at all. Her representatives had already made that very clear right after the explosion.

Fake news like this causes people to lose trust in the media. We need to learn how to identify fake news and make better decisions on what we share.

The amount of problems this can cause is overwhelming especially when it involves a terrorist attack and so many are worried about loved ones. Legitimate news websites are always letting the world know about what's going on and how to keep safe.

How can they do that if fake news takes over?

Fake news is only OK if it comes from a known satire site like The Onion.

Anything less is uncivilized.

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