'Fake' Roswell alien autopsy video from 1947 is 'real and CIA scientist saw proof at Pentagon'

In 1995 a grainy black-and-white video called "alien autopsy tape" was released to the public, and it showed pathologists dissecting what appears to be an alien body which was recovered after alleged UFO crash at Roswell in 1947.

While last year one of the filmmakers confessed that the footage is fake, there are claims now that he was not telling the truth!


British businessman Ray Santilli said at the time that this video was obtained in 1992 by accident and he made serious money selling it to TV stations from over 30 countries.

Only last year his friend Spyros Melaris admitted that the whole thing is fake and that it was made using organs of various animals, including a pig brain. The entire video, which is 17 minutes long, was filmed in his flat in London, he revealed.

There is a twist here, as a surprising document from 2001 "proves" that the footage was real after all. In a memo that is now available to the public, it is claimed that CIA scientist Kit Green was doing that autopsy and was questioned three times because of it.


The memo was allegedly leaked from late astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and in it, he claims that Kit was under the constant pressure from CIA agents, and was even called to Pentagon where he was shown the alien autopsy photos and reports that can be seen in 1995. video by Santilli.

Kit later saw the film, and in 2001, he made his professional opinion, claiming that everything in it was real. He even revealed that alien tissue and organs were at least at the time stored at Walter Reed-Armed Forces Institute in Washington DC.

Top UFO researchers have publicly supported the authenticity of the footage, but there is still no reaction from the US government.

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