Family blames cops when teens steal car and drown in a pond, police give epic response

Three mothers lost a child when the children stole a car, drove out of control, landed in a pond and sank to the bottom. Now at least one mother is now blaming police for the unfortunate series of events.

Three young girls hitched a ride from a 36-year-old man. The man put his trust in the girls by allowing them to ride in his car and put even more trust into the girls by leaving them in his car while he entered a Walmart before driving to their destination.

It was when he gave the most trust to the girls that they threw it back in his face by stealing his car and going on a high speed chase with police soon after the man had reported the car being stolen.

Being young girls who do not have much experience in driving and driving at high speeds, the obvious happened. They cruised out of control and crashed. When they crashed, they landed in a pond.

The girls were unable to slow down as they came to a sharp curve in the road and instead the car left the road and hit water and the car submerged in 15 feet of water.

The police made attempts to rescue the girls by removing their gear but soon realized the danger of attempting the rescue and pulled back when they learned was a slim chance of saving the girls. The police officers are on video with their gear removed as if they were about to jump into the water and try to save them, but unfortunately could not.

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Laniya Miller, 15, Ashaunti Butler, 15, and Dominique Battle, 16, reportedly asked a 36-year-old man for a ride, but when he stopped at a local Walmart before dropping the girls off at their destination, the young female thugs decided to take the man’s car.

Not long after the car owner reported the vehicle stolen, police officers from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office saw the group of girls driving it down the road, and police officers began following them.

The young criminals failed to slow down going around a sharp curve, causing the car to leave the road and submerge 15 feet underwater, the Times reported.

Police officers on the scene evaluated the situation and determined that the conditions were too dangerous to put more people at risk when the chances of saving the girls at that point were slim.

Below you can see the response from the Police Department regarding the officers who were involved in the chase and the attempted rescue of the girls from the water.

They have clearly explained the situation. 

The response video they posted explains that the police removed their gear and made attempts to rescue the girls from the sunken vehicle in the water. Dangerous conditions prevented them from carrying out the rescue any further and they made the decision to pull back and use the radio to update other officers on the situation.

No parent should ever lose a child in circumstances like these, however the girls took the car and went on the dangerous high speed chase that caused their loss of life. The police are not to blame. No one is to blame except for the girls themselves.

Maybe if they had thought about their actions before stealing the car, then this could have been prevented.

With video taken that shows the attempts made by the police officers to rescue the girls it seems unfair that the police should be blamed for the death of these three girls by the families.

The police did all they could to help the girls after the car ran off the road and if the situation had of been better for them maybe they could have done more. The police also have to live with the memory of not being able to save someone. This will linger in their mind forever as well. They will always wish that they could have saved the young girls. Even when someone commits a crime, it's a cop's natural instinct to help and save people.

But again - the girls should have not have stolen the car and put themselves into such a dangerous situation. It turned into the worst mistake of their life.

Could it be that the families felt the police could have done more to rescue the girls? 

The families want answers and closure, but it's all right there waiting for them. Three girls stole a car and this is what happened afterwards.

There is no one else to blame except for the girls who committed the crime.

A sad story with a horrible end and we hope people read this and stop stealing cars.

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