Family fends off naked intruder claiming to be the devil: 'she looked possessed'

It happened in Chesterfield County, Virginia: during their first night in their new home, the Lewis family got attacked by a naked female stranger who "looked possessed" and claimed to be Satana.

She had a blue ponytail, and the father in the family revealed to the Washington Examiner that “she looked possessed, her eyes were completely black, like saucers, and she was laughing like it was a joke.”


Once the man ordered her to go away from the house, the woman claimed: “I’m the devil.”

The Lewis father tried to scare her with his handgun, firing without hitting her, but she kept attacking. “She had the strength of four grown men”, said the man. Luckily the 12-year-old Jason, one of the children of the family, was brave enough to hit the invader on the neck with a wrench, which forced her to desist.

The invasion of this bizarre but dangerous character happened around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 4.


The Lewis family had just moved in their new house, which is now all ruined with broken windows, bloodstained walls and bullet holes everywhere. Mrs. Lewis has started a GoFundMe campaign to get help with the costs of fixing the house. 

The woman with the blue ponytail is now in the ICU. When she gets out, she will face several criminal charges.

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