Family of NYC Terrorist made Sick Statement Against Cops

In what should only be described as sickening, the family of the accused New York City pipe bomber, Akayed Ullah, used their first public news conference to vilify law enforcement.  The family also expressed their dismay at their beloved Ullah being blamed for the attack, which left him injured in what appeared to be the crotch area. It's like he blew off his privates and wanted to share it with everyone in the Port Authority.

In fact, in the family's statement made via the New York Office of the Council in American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), they expressed their deep 'outrage' at the behavior of law enforcement officials.  They claim their outrage stems from the disgusting acts committed by investigators such as interviewing relatives and pulling related children out of school for questioning.  The family said that this maltreatment by law enforcement goes against common expectations of the American justice system and they hope to see better days in the future.

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The beloved Ullah has been charged with illegal possession of a weapon, making terroristic threats and support and act of terrorism following the attack on Monday.  Because attempting to blow up a city is what good loving family members do for each other.

The attack in question alleges that Ullah, 27, donning a dark hooded jacket and backpack, set off on a plan of martyrdom via the New York subway system in the early morning of December 11th.

In his backpack, it is alleged that he had a 12-inch homemade pipe bomb that he learned how to construct via the internet.

Reports stated that the failed bomber told authorities that he set the bomb off after seeing a Christmas themed poster in a heavily-trafficked area in a corridor that led to Times Square Station.

Witnesses report hearing an explosion, followed by smoke plumes and everyone headed for the exits.

First responders rushed through the smoke directly to where the explosion detonated.  Four Port Authority police officers who tackled Ullah to the ground.  The botched pipe bomb badly wounded him right where it counts, making it possibly impossible for him ever to seal the deal with the 72 virgins he hoped to meet.

Authorities found wires running from the suspect's jacket to his pants with something else on his body, concealed by his coat.  When officers arrived the suspect was reportedly reaching for a cell phone but he was quickly subdued and cuffed before any further incident could take place.

Ullah has not been found guilty in court, but with the overwhelming, quite obvious evidence that has been made public, the fact that the family has the gall to lambast authorities doing their duty to stop terror attacks speaks volumes.

If this trial comes to what I believe is an inevitable conclusion, will they eat their words publicly and maybe even apologize?  I'm not holding my breath.

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