Everyone in this Family is Transgender



All four current members of an Arizona family are transgender. Both adults and both children are "transitioning" from their original birth sex to the opposite sex. Every person in this entire family is transgender.This story was originally done on KJZZ, an Arizona based website who featured the family and their multitude of opposite sex/gender transitions. It's safe to say this is not your everyday Arizona family living the American dream. Or, maybe they are.



The "father" is 41-year-old Daniel Harrot. He was born as a female, but he identifies as a male, so now he's the father. Daniel has two children. They are transgender too. He also has a fiance who is a biological male living as a woman. Technically, Daniel is still straight, except he's dressed as a man while his man is dressed like a woman. I'm not sure how the rest goes when the lights are off.

The two children are ages 11 and 13. Mason is 11 was born as a biological female. He has decided to live life as a boy. Joshua is 13 and was born as a male, but she decided many years ago that he would rather live life as a female.

Harrot's fiance is 62-year-old Shirley Austin who is tall and blond. She was born as a biological male but lives life as a woman.  They do normal couple things like play with chainsaws and cook food. "Shirley taught Daniel how to use a chainsaw. Daniel taught Shirley to memorize all the stones in her engagement ring, in case another woman asks. Daniel does the yard work. Shirley, the cooking" as reported by KJZZ.

So it goes like this:

  1. The Dad is the Mom who gave birth to two children.
  2. The Mom is the Fiance who is a man, but now identifies as woman.
  3. The son is the daughter.
  4. The daughter is the son.
  5. We're all confused as f-ck.

If the family is happy, then let them be happy. However, they face a life of scrutiny and high risk of suicide.

Is it worth it to play dress up for a little bit?

Does anyone know where the real father is?

Did he take off?

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