Family upset after topless woman photobombs holiday pic

Ruining pictures by photo bombing makes people react in different ways. One mother from Texas is raging after a topless woman joined their family photo while showing her bare chest and a massive smile. Not everyone was smiling (but I bet some were).

Monica Davila spoke about the incident to ABC 13 and told the journalists that she was not aware of what happened until she got back home, and started checking her holiday photos.

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Davila was on holiday at Garner State Park when an unidentified woman showed her bare chest while smiling. She doesn't understand why did this unknown female destroy their picture while acting like that in front of kids.

While it's easy to crop this prankster out of the image, Ms. Davila claims that her whole trip was ruined. She didn't explain how it was possible that none of her family members noticed the flashing lady. Still, she is pointing out at the child that is looking at the topless woman.

As she explained, she went to Garner State Park to honor her husband's grandmother, who died recently. Now, her only wish is to find the person that did this, so she even posted the pic on her Facebook page, hoping that someone will recognize her.

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The idea is to get her embarrassed, although she admits that people react differently. While many are holding her side, the others think that she is overreacting.

Still, Ms. Davila won't quit her mission as she even filled a report to police. At the moment the flashing woman remains at large, while police promised that they would try to track her down.

They will keep in touch with Ms. Davila to let her know if the woman is caught and charged for her deeds. It's not clear what would be the punishment for such an incident, but it's doubtful it would put her into much trouble.

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