Fast food workers want $15 minimum wage

Fast food workers went on strike and claimed that $8 isn't a livable wage.

They're right.

It's not.

But fast food wasn't designed as a job to live on, so why do they keep trying to do it? It's a job designed for high school kids to earn a few bucks by doing meaningless tasks and serving unhealthy food. If you're in high school or college, then you've probably worked in fast food or know people who do. It's one of the few jobs you can get with high school and early college education.

But once you're done school, either high school or college, then you're not supposed to work in fast food unless you own the place. You really have two options after school - attend college or trade school, or learn a family business if you're lucky enough to have one. If not, then you go to college. Don't like college? Fine. Then people can attend a trade school that does something they like? There's literally a trade school or job training available for every type of job that's ten steps above fast food and leads you to a job with a salary and benefits. It's a lot better than begging for $15 minimum wage because you don't have any determination to do better for yourself. You DESERVE better, but you need to WORK for it.

minimum wage

You have better options

You could learn to be a mechanic, painter, beauty salon person, electrician, HVAC, designer, etc. There's a million things for men and women to do. All you have to do is Google them on an Obama phone with your free Internet that tax payers paid for.

But you don't want to go to college or trade school because you can't afford it, because you work at McDonald's? The fact that you cannot afford college or trade school means you have a better chance of getting financial aid. The less income you have, the more financial aid you'll receive. Join the rest of us swimming in college or trade school loans. It's part of life.

People who are poor get grants and loans a lot easier than someone who comes from a wealthy or average family. The less you have, the more you get. That's how financial aid and grants work. And, if you didn't know, a grant is free money. You don't pay it back.

Go back to school

When I was in college, the bums and scabs of society walked in wearing their poor clothes and got a FULL FREE RIDE to college. Many of them barely attended class. One girl had a 0.0 GPA and said she was only there to move away from home for a few months, but after the semester was over, she was likely to get kicked out. Unfortunately for myself and others, she was allowed to be on academic probation. Then finally her lousy self was removed and maybe she's still a fry girl somewhere. I don't know and I don't care. I was annoyed that I spent about $40k - 50k on my education to grant me opportunities to get jobs, but she was throwing her free ride to college in the dumpster. Shame on her.

Did I forget to mention that a lot of jobs will also PAY YOU to go to college? Or offer some tuition reimbursement? It's true. Businesses want their employees to be intelligent. Some people don't want to better themselves. They just want to complain until someone gives them more money to wrap a few burgers. That's called being lazy and not caring about yourself. Everyone can do better. EVERYONE.

minimum wage

You don't get $15 an hour because you're a lazy beggar

I don't think people get the fact that fast food is designed for young people working their way through school or in between jobs, OR retired people, OR people with disabilities who can only manage to do small jobs. If there's anyone with a disability or a retired person, then they deserve $15 an hour so they can maintain their life in a comfortable manner.

But if you're an able bodied person who's only obstacle is laziness, then you get nothing. Go work hard for it and make something of yourself.

You need to think 1) how can I BE the manager or owner, or 2) what job will I do next that I can call a career?

I don't think fast food work is worth $15 minimum wage unless you're disabled or retired. Able bodied people need to stop being lazy and start working harder.

Work hard, play hard.

Posted on April 20, 2014 in Opinions and filed under minimum wage.