Fast food chain makes MARROT, the carrot made of meat, just to troll vegans

Vegans and vegetarians, don't read this if you have weak nerves. If you want to troll someone, always do it with class and sense of humor. Just like Arby's did, in its last menu offer, presenting a so-called "marrot", carrot-like menu item, made out of meat. Arby's is a truly old school fast-food chain, created in 1964. They love their own meat products, and they know that their customers love their meat menu, too.

Maybe that's why Arby's decided to "stay true to its brand" and "not follow anyone", like its chief marketing officer, Jim Taylor said. Their recent creation can really shake up the minds of many. It looks like a carrot, but in reality, it is just another meat product, this time made out of turkey meat, special carrot marinade and maple syrup powder. They called it as "marrot".

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PETA commented on it, saying that Arby's still lives in the Stone Age, and not in 2019, when people try to eat healthier and more ethical food products. But Arby's always liked to innovate and rarely followed anyone.

Back then, many decades ago, when fast-food chains in the USA were competing with each other, selling burgers for around 15-20 cents each one, Arby's was the only one that was selling 70 cents premium roast beef sandwiches. Funny prices indeed, but that was in the 60s.

What's our view on this? We appreciate the sense of humor of Arby's management, we also like to eat meat from time to time. What we don't like though is how the meat is really produced and the amount of suffering it brings to other living beings – the animals. So we prefer to buy meat from small, local sources, where we know that animals are treated in a better way and have more freedom until they get killed for our "meat" product.

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Would you eat Arby's "Marrot"? What do you think about it? Share your view in our comments section!

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