Axl Rose wants everyone to erase the "Fat Axl" pictures

Guns N Roses lead singer, Axl Rose, wants the entire planet to erase every picture of his trending Fat Axl memes. I'm not sure how he plans to accomplish that. Didn't Beyonce want everyone to delete those really manly and ugly pictures from her one show? She looked like a beast. Axl Rose just looks like a chubby guy dressing up as Axl Rose and singing GNR songs. I don't know how the old school Axl with the good hair turned into this. I guess everyone's metabolism slows down right? It's OK, buddy?- we all change as we age. No big deal. Enjoy the memes and have fun with it.

Fat Axl Memes

fat a fat axl 2 fat axl Source of Fat Axl pictures:?DLoIndustries?and?GrigLager

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