Fat People Should Not Get Handicapped Parking Placards

I went to the Giant food store to buy cases of water and saw the most fat family I have ever seen. Everyone was massively fat from the dad to the three kids they packed in the backseat like overweight sardines in a tin. The dad was the fattest of all. He was like a massive hippo filled with jelly donuts - all soft and squishy looking. I feel like someone pinching his cheeks would cause jelly to slide out his ears. His wife, woman, or side chick, was equally robust with cankles the size of Delaware and New Jersey. She looked like she needed some size 32 belts to keep her shoes on. The three kids were a disaster. If you can't comfortably fit three kids under the age of ten in the backseat of your oversized early 2000's Caddy, then your kids have a weight problem.

It wasn't the fact that all five people in this blimp sized family were sickly obese and super chubby - it was the fact that they parked in the handicapped parking space and they clearly were not handicapped. I saw them in the store. They were all walking around fine. Laughing as their eyes lit up when they walked by the bakery and frozen pizza. They were loving life with all the food they bought, even though none of it was lettuce. Or salad. Or water. Or anything remotely healthy.


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This family was literally five fat f*cks and not one of them had a disability other than their innate ability to buy every sugary item that I've not even heard of.

I peered at them, with judging eyes, and a sense of jealousy because I didn't have that much food in my cart and I still couldn't figure out where their disability was. They were so fat that I could not see their fat kids behind the fat parents. But regardless of their inability to control their obesity, there was still no disabilty. If they were so disabled, then why were they walking around the store for at least 30 minutes? Why wasn't anyone using the motorized carts? There was at least two or three available.

If they were disabled and walking far distances was an issue, then why did they do several laps around the store? Get on the cart and at least look disabled. If you're going to pretend you're disabled with your fake handicapped parking placard, then at least play the part like you're an actor about to win an Oscar in a movie about over-eating.

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Because they're just a family of fatso people and no one is actually disabled. They're big, but not broken.

I believe they are just lazy and out of shape, which is obvious by the size of their waists and the planetary shaped blubbery balls consisting of their torso.

They either printed a fake handicap placard or they got one by telling a doctor lies. No matter what they did, they are full of nonsense and they need to take the placard out of their car. They need to take their big butts to the back of the parking lot and walk a few laps into the store. That will get them some free exercise. Then they need to learn how to shop for healthier food so they're not adding to the American obesity epidemic.

Taking advantage of the handicapped parking, because you're fat and lazy, is not cool. That means someone who is actually handicapped does not get that space. What if there's someone in a wheelchair and they use a loading mechanism to get in and out of their car? They won't have access to the handicapped space if some fatso from Philadelphia takes it.

Am I the only one who sees a major problem with people abusing the handicapped parking space when they're not really handicapped?

Fat and lazy means you park at the end and you walk your big self to the door.

We have so many out of shape, unhealthy, and obese people in America and it's time to get ourselves back in shape and take care of our bodies.

Put the box of Krispy Kreme donuts down and eat something that is at least a little bit healthy.

If you want to look like Chris Christie, then keep eating like a pig. Otherwise, start making better choices.

Perhaps pick up a copy of the "Eat this, Not That" books and get yourself a better diet and lots of exercise.

Being fat is not a handicap.

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