Lady who became Womens March meme speaks out about Fat Shaming


Elizabeth Flora attended the freak show Women's March, where people wore p*ssy hats, posted terrible vulgar signs, spent an entire day criticizing Donald Trump, and showed everyone how to wear "front butt" in the most eye-sore way possible.

Flora and her backwards ass became a sensational Internet meme as people also wonder why she's not drinking diet soda or water? When you're that big, then you don't drink soda. Nope. Not ever. There's no point unless you want to make your upper womanly area even bigger.

*** FREE TRUMP 2020 FLAG ***

While 99% of the planet is giggling over fat jokes and making fun of that circus Women's March, you know some self righteous liberal turd is writing the opposing view article. Leave it to some liberal putz at Yahoo! to pen an article about Flora, showing us all where the fat shaming videos are, who else is cracking jokes, and now I'm posting this article to remind us how to wear our butt properly. I don't know if the Yahoo writer, Kristine Solomon, is writing this as a joke so she can post the funny pictures herself, or if she's serious about telling people "that's not nice" to fat shame and turn people into memes.

Hmmmmm..... She's a style and beauty type of writer. The girl in the meme has no style and her beauty would be existent if she lost the weight. I think the writer secretly wanted to laugh with us.

Either way, here we are cracking jokes and fat-shaming again. I have no problem fat shaming her. She's gross. I'm 15lbs overweight myself, but dammit if my front ever looks like my back, then I'm not leaving the gym and salad bar until it's gone.

Yahoo reports - Women marched on Washington, D.C., on Jan. 21 to be heard, not ridiculed.

Flora marched that day “because I knew it would be historic, and I knew that if I passed up the opportunity to be there, I would regret it forever,” she tells Yahoo Beauty. “I wanted to be there to support and represent all of the causes I care about and meet like-minded people.” What Flora was not expecting, though, was to become the face of a mean-spirited Twitter meme that very day — and, a day later, to be one of several women being mocked for their looks in a viral video shared by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Milo's video is hilarious. Sheriff Clarke crushed these creatures too. It was a circus of maniac morons, not a women's march. Total disaster and embarrassment to America.

Look back up there at her picture. Gigantic FUPA area. Headband that says "f*ck" something. A shirt that says the struggle is real. What struggle? The struggle to not eat an entire cake in one sitting? That's called portion control honey, and you better learn it real quick before you get stuck in an elevator or grafted into your couch.

I am fully OK with fat shaming people because it's very unhealthy and American's, myself included, need to be more healthy.

I'm 15lbs overweight, so this includes me too. People asked me if I was pregnant as a joke, but we all know there's truth in humor.

She's a big meme. I'm a little meme.

We ALL need to take care of our body, and that's the point of all of this.

We can laugh at ourselves as we transition back into good health. Fat jokes are funny.