Father sees his daughter like this, his next move sent abusive boyfriend running

A Centralia woman was severely beaten, choked, and beaten so badly that she lost an eye to her violent boyfriend. The man, Cedric Powe, was on the run for a while and that’s when Chelsea Simmons’s father took control of the situation.

Her father put out a bounty on the man, showing his picture and his name, and offering at least $500 to anyone who helped get Powe captured or brought to the police.  The suspect, Powe, has had at least 80 other run-ins with police and was thought to be hiding in St. Louis.

That hunch turned out to be correct as police located him in Missouri and sent him back to Illinois to be tried for his horrible violent crimes.

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CENTRALIA, Ill. - A Centralia, Ill. woman claims she was severely beaten and choked by her boyfriend. Police say that man, Cedric Powe, is on the run.

"This is a parent's worst nightmare," said Melissa Kelly.

Her daughter, Chelsea Simmons, was attacked the night of Dec. 26.

"He strangled her until she passed out. And then when she became alert again, she started to scream and he then again strangled her. He kicked her in the face multiple times," she said.

According to an order of protection Chelsea filed against 27-year-old Powe, the confrontation started over a text message he found that she'd sent to another man. Her mom says this wasn't the first time things got physical. In the order of protection, she describes seven other instances of physical abuse.

"In February there was an incident and she was worried that he was going to hurt us," said her stepmother, Melissa Zack.

That time, Chelsea says, Powe held a gun to her head and then bashed her head into a door. They say this was the worst.

"We've had several opinions from several different doctors who all say she will most likely never regain central vision in her eye," Kelly said.

It happened inside Chelsea's apartment. She says there were three young children there at the time: her little brother, little sister, and Powe's young niece.

"She has actually had family members of Cedric contact her and attempt to place blame upon her that she actually deserved this because of something she had done," her mom said.

When Powe finally made it to court, he was slapped with 14 years in jail and a small restitution fine. It is hoped that he spends all 14 years in prison.

Some of Powe’s family members have reached out to express that the woman deserved the beating for something she had done. In that case, we have no idea what could cause a man to beat a woman that bad that her eye goes blind. A woman would have to do an absolutely terrible thing for that to happen, but there are no reports that the woman has done anything to warrant a brutal beating.

It’s very sad for the family to say something like that when they see a man beat and choke a woman like that. Unless she cut off his penis, then there is no need for this type of behavior towards another human being.

Thankfully the father got people involved to help find and arrest the man who viciously beat and choked his daughter, causing her to lose an eye.

We hope Chelsea is doing well and send our regards.

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