FBI agents raid Epstein's island 2 days after suicide

At least a dozen FBI agents raided Jeffrey Epstein's island dubbed "Pedophile Island," only two days after his apparent suicide in his prison cell in New York.

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As Daily Mail reports, FBI officers arrived at Little St James on early Monday morning as they spend hours riding around the island in golf carts. One witness who shot the video of the action told the journalists that he and his friends are currently the only guests there.

He described that FBI agents arrived dramatically in speedboats. There is no official information, but this action is a part of the ongoing investigation of sex trafficking charges.

Allegations say that Epstein used underage girls as his sex slaves and abused them inside a temple located on the island. Locals also reported that he kept them in hidden rooms under the temple, but also in few other locations on the island.

There is no evidence to support this claim.

Unnamed sources claim that Epstein would bring girls to St. Thomas and then took them to his island using a boat named after Ghislaine Maxwell, his former girlfriend. Epstein would spend no more than three or four days on the island, enjoying his time by the pool, surrounded by naked women.

However, one of his former employees that told this story also claims that while girls were young, he believed that all of them were adults. One former air traffic controller that worked on the island's airport previously told Vanity Fair that he saw Epstein with female children multiple times, as he took them to his private plane.

He doesn't believe that any of them were older than 16.

Before FBI, members of conspiracy theory community QAnon already developed interest into mysterious island temple, but the public still waits for official information which might take a while.

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