FBI implicated in destroying evidence to help Hillary Clinton

Deborah Weiss just broke a huge story revealing that the FBI is now implicated in destroying evidence to help Hillary Clinton. It was the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ, run by Jay Sekulow) who was able to get copies of the immunity agreements about Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson in regards to Hillary Clinton's email scandal. These documents were not originally obtainable through normal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), so there was a litigation battle that took a few years of hard work by the attorneys to get this information.
Weiss reminds readers that Cheryl Mills was Clinton's Chief of Staff while Hillary was Secretary. Mills later was Clinton's attorney who represented her during the email scandal. Heather Samuelson helped with Hillary Clinton's campaign for president in 2008 and was later a Senior Advisor at the State Department and a White House liaison, as well as an attorney during the email scandal.
This is where Weiss' breaking story gets really interesting.
Weiss wrote that "after Clinton illegally sent classified emails on a private server and cell phones (and by the way, people have gone to jail for this even when they did so accidentally because it's that serious), and after Mills and Samuelson purposely worked to cover up and conceal both the emails and the destruction of evidence, and after they were given a sweetheart deal that nobody in history has ever gotten, they became the attorneys for Clinton, representing her in the email case. This shouldn't be allowed because it is a conflict of interests, and not only gives the appearance of impropriety, but indeed, constitutes actual impropriety.

Subsequently, Mills and Samuelson finally gave the computers over to the FBI, which per their agreements, limited the FBI’s investigation. The FBI agreed to limit a) the method by which the emails investigated would be obtained; b) the scope of files which would be investigated, and c) the timeframe parameters for investigated emails. In other words, the FBI agreed in the immunity contracts not to do a full investigation on the Clinton emails. To make matters worse, again, per the immunity agreements, the FBI agreed to destroy the computers that had the back-up emails.  As Congressman Jim Jordan referenced during the Mueller hearings recently, the FBI used bleachBit to purge the server so the information could never be accessed in the future and used hammers to smash the cell phones involved. In other words, the FBI and DOJ participated in the destruction of the evidence.  In effect, this constitutes is a conspiracy between the Obama DOJ (under Loretta Lynch) and the Comey-led FBI to cover up Clinton’s crimes."
It wasn't long after this that James Comy was giving a press conference defending Hillary Clinton and exonerating her from criminal acts - even though she wasn't investigated very much, also knowing that his own FBI was part of the evidence destruction.
Comey, at that time, said Hillary Clinton was "extremely careless" but not "grossly negligent" in how she handled her classified information.
Weiss reports that current investigations are looking further into the Clinton email scandal and cover-up, why Trump was investigated in the first place, where FISA applications originated.
What will come out next, that remains to be seen.

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