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Law enforcement sources have reported to ABC News that a pipe bomb filled with explosive black powder was reportedly hand-delivered to the mailbox of George Soros's NYC suburban home. The investigation was handed over from the Bedford Police Department to the FBI.

The device did not detonate and no injuries were reported.

Authorities are investigating the situation and trying to locate a suspect who would target a billionaire philanthropist and political activist who is a well-known target of far-right rhetoric. No individuals or groups have been identified as a suspect.

ABC News stated that the FBI took pictures of the device, then detonated it in Katonah, NY, near Soros' residence. They were then analyzing the fragments of the pipe bomb trying to figure out why it hadn't already exploded.

The pipe bomb was about 6 inches long and was in an 8-by-10-inch envelope made to look like it was delivered through the mail, the source said. A postal inspector who examined the markings on the envelope determined it had been hand-delivered, the source said.
Soros' regular mail carrier was also interviewed, but did not recall delivering the package, the source said. 
The bomb was found about 3:45 p.m. Monday in the mailbox of Soros' home by a property caretaker for the billionaire, the source said. 
The caretaker told investigators that as he was walking back to the house he noticed the envelope looked suspicious, the source said. He dropped it in the woods away from the residence and called the Bedford Police Department, which sent officers to the scene. 

Expect updates on George Soros and the pipe bomb left in his mailbox as the FBI continues their investigation.

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