FBI Offered Anti-Trump Spy 50k to Prove Ties With Russia

The FBI allegedly offered Christopher Steele, an MI6 British spy, $50k to corroborate the so-called 'golden showers' dossier.  The dossier also had fables of Russian collusion.   The dossier in question was an alleged 'insurance policy' against the election of Trump and could have been used to blackmail him if corroborated.  Of course, Steele could not substantiate the dossier.

The dossier is likely full of lies.  For example, one part of the file claimed that one of Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, traveled to Chechnya to secretly meet with a Russian agent.  Reporters did some digging only to find out that Cohen had been in Los Angeles at the time mentioned in the dossier.  The dossier contains similar proven discrepancies.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein refused to tell the House Judiciary Committee if the FBI had or had not offered to pay for the dossier and its alleged corroboration.

Rosenstein said that while he believed he knew the answer, that a public session was not the right place to answer questions regarding this. 

Republicans have said that the FBI utilized the dossiers uncorroborated contents to obtain wiretaps illegally.  This incident has also spawned a growing disdain over whether the FBI should ever be involved in paying a foreign agent money to get dirt of an American presidential candidate.  

Speculation from Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano suggests that the $50k offer is genuine.  He stated that based off of publicly available sources he believes the FBI made such an offer and that Steele just could not, or would not corroborate it as it was simply untrue.  As a result, he believes that Steele was never paid $50k for his corroboration services.

Napolitano noted that during the questioning of A.G. Rosenstein the committee should have grilled him further as there are many questions that the American public wants to hear, and needs to understand.

A former staffer of the Attorney General, Bruce Ohr will testify soon and it is expected that he will be directly questioned about the FBI's alleged offer to pay Steele $50k for corroboration of the dossier.

It is suggested that Ohr had previous conversations with former MI6 agent Steele and the founder of Fusion GPS, the group behind much of the dossier.

The questioning session is destined to be interesting, especially the answering part.

The issues being raised of the FBI's integrity and lack of impartiality come as Special Counsel Robert Mueller draws near to conclusion his probe into the alleged Russian collusion with the presidential election issue.

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