FBI raid finds buckets of male genitalia and body parts sewn like Frankenstein

Dr. Frankenstein's monster is back, and this time in Phoenix, Arizona. When FBI agents raided a lab and storage of cadavers in Arizona, that belonged to Biological Resource Center they were all in shock. If something could shock federal agents with a long employment history in the field of crime, murder and dead corpses, this means a lot. What the agents found at BRC, were various body parts, stored in buckets, some of them sewn together,heads together with bodies, some of them like the male genitalia laying in fridges.

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I wrote recently an article about infamous BRC from Phoenix that was raided by the FBI in 2014. This one is a continuation of it, with some more details on how actually "gory" this place really was.

It is already 5 years after that FBI raid. But the details could see the light of a day just now, because of the lawsuits that are still ongoing.

Cadavers, that were donated by poor families in exchange for the funerals, were meant to be sold later to various scientific institutions and companies. But all of it was going without any respect for the cadavers, their families and ethics. One of the most shocking discoveries of that FBI raid was probably a small woman's head that was sewn together with a much larger male body.

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It looked like Dr. Frankenstein just resurrected to continue his bizarre research. The other horrific discoveries were the “pools of human blood and bodily fluids that were found on the floor of the freezer,” like FBI report says. To "facilitate" storing and selling human body parts, BRC was using construction chainsaws with 9-inches blades to cut the cadavers

One of the plaintiffs and kin, Troy Harp simply resumes it, as "a horror story" that is "just unbelievable". His mother and grandmother donated their bodies, for scientific purposes. But if they only knew, what really goes on behind BRC doors, they probably wouldn't do so.

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