FBI now reviewing claims that Ilhan Omar married her brother

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now looking into the case of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her alleged marriage with her own brother. This comes months after her split with husband Ahmed Hirsi and ongoing affair with her DC political consultant Tim Mynett.

An hour long meeting was held in Minnesota between two FBI agents and a concerned party last October. The party was said to have handed documents proving that Omar's marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is an act of marriage fraud. Reports by The Blaze focused on the concerns of the Somali-born Democrat marrying someone, her brother in this instance, so he can obtain a green card and study in America.

The New York Post also reports that the agents shared the information with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the US Department of Education.

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Omar's office remains silent amid the investigation, with Omar repeatedly denying the allegations, calling it "disgusting lies."

In 2002, Omar and Hirsi, engaged at that time, got married through a Muslim ceremony. They split up in 2008. The following year, she married Elmi, a "British citizen". A deleted post by user AbdiJohnson in a Somali Spot message board accuses Elmi of being Omar's brother. The Somali-community source actually personally observed Omar, Elmi and Hirsi living together in the same family home in Cedar-Riverside along with Omar and Hirsi's two children.

Then, they moved to North Dakota where Omar studied Political Science at the North Dakota State University in 2009. Elmi also studied there but records from the university showed that he also dropped out.

Omar and Elmi split two years after in 2011 and she got back with Hirsi, and had their third child in 2012. By 2017,Omar asked to dissolve the marriage by alternate means, swearing under penalty of perjury that she had no way of contacting Elmi and said that his last known location was in London, June 2011. However, lease and eviction records, and traffic violations reported by The Post proves that Elmi was in the US the whole time, living 2.6 miles away from Omar at an apartment in downtown Minneapolis.

At present, aside from this case, Omar is also facing multiple campaign finance complaints after her affair partner Tim Mynett received more than $370,000 from her campaign funds.

Should it be proven that Omar did marry her brother, and committing marriage fraud, she will be charged with a felony offense punishable with a sentence of up to five years in prison and a fine up to $250,000.

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