Have you heard about Aspire Assist?

The FDA approved an extremely strange and shocking weight loss device called Aspire Assist. This device really has people wondering-does the FDA care more about human health? or cashing in on weight loss gimmicks and devices? Forget about healthy eating and exercise. The Aspire Assist lets people eat as much as they want, then helps people regurgitate chewed food through a pump. The pump sticks out of their abdomen. aspire assist This weight loss device allows patients to pump food they've ALREADY eaten directly from their stomachs into the toilet. Or the sidewalk. Or your neighbors lawn. You can chew the food, swallow it, then pump it out of your stomach. Sick, right? Patients will lose approximately 30% of the calorie intake, but also lose nutrients. This is basically paying to have an eating disorder. The fact that the FDA approved this sick and twisted weight loss device shows that someone doesn't really care about our actual health, but they are more interested in experimenting on live people. you gonna eat that

This can't be good for society.

The Aspire Assist does not seem like the tool that will create a healthier society with more physically fit, confident, and happier citizens. It will not change our mindset, our belief, or our understanding on food and activity. This could create fatter people. Imagine what happens when people eat so much and get tired of pumping? Now they're in the mindset of eating too much and can't pump out their bird food. The weight loss device went through a one-year study of 111 people with a body mass index of 35-55. These were people who had failed to lose weight previously with non-surgical therapies, although their previous methods of exercise and nutrition were not disclosed.

How does Aspire Assist work?

A tube is surgically implanted through the abdomen where it enters an opening just above the belly button that patients can open or close. As a result, patients can dump their food from this tube and into a bucket, sink, toilet, take home bag. The side effects include leaking port valve, infections, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, and triggering eating disorders because the process mimics bulimia.


The Aspire Assist website states ?Losing weight shouldn't take the fun out of life.? While I agree, and believe in planning for date nights, going out with friends, and vacations, I also believe that there is a better way to enjoy your life while becoming healthier. There are ways to eat at restaurants or go on a trip while still choosing healthy options that will allow you to achieve weight loss. Their quote leaves the the impression that a patient can eat whatever they want, because they can just pump the food out and a ?cheat meal? isn't going to be the end of the world. I applaud the fact that they clearly state that moderation is important, however the unhealthy mindset isn't being changed. A patient doesn't necessarily have to follow a set meal plan, because dumping 30% of their calories in the toilet means they can have that extra portion of pasta even if it's not in their plan.

What should losing weight really be about?

Losing weight means changing eating habits, eating clean, healthy, and non-processed foods, combined with exercise. One patient reported that they started to make healthier choices when they were able to see what was coming out of their stomach-it made them think twice about what they were putting in their bodies. Shouldn't you think about what you're putting into your body because you care about your health, and you really want to lose weight? Another concern with this device is that it's just another tool to yo-yo diet. The moment you remove it, there is a huge chance that weight will come back. Unless you've completely changed your eating and exercise habits, which you can also do without the device, the weight loss will not be maintained. More often than not, people will go right back to unhealthy behavior if their lifestyle hasn't truly been changed.

Is this an enabler to keep people fat?

While reading comments on social media about the device, many people cite disease and hormonal disorders as a reason to use the device. Diabetes, PCOS, etc, can be managed properly with a diet that is at a healthy calorie level for your BMI and activity level, by choosing the right foods to make up those daily calories, and by learning how to live an active life and exercise for your goals. You will have to work harder, commit more, and be determined to reach your goals, but it can be done. This device enables people to take the easy way out, without truly learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. Millions of people have reduced their body fat through improving their diet and activity level-people with and without hurdles such as disease, or a past of yo-yo dieting. When you learn how to make health and fitness a part of your everyday life, you're able to learn how to properly fuel your body. It's not just about weight, consider if you want to live a long, healthy life, and have the best quality of life that you can possibly have. Changing your mindset, exercising and eating the right foods for your body allows you to lose weight-for good. Find a trainer, nutritionist, or coach who can help you put together a fitness, diet, and support plan before shelling out thousand of dollars for surgeries. Don't give up on reaching your goals naturally just because you've struggled in the past. Is it easy? NO! But the outcome of reaching a goal that you thought was ?impossible? is worth it. What do you think about the Aspire Assist?

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