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Federal appeals court issues ruling on Trump's border wall

President Donald Trump was able to get a decision from a federal appeals court regarding the construction of the United States border wall along Mexico. The federal appeals court has provided Trump with a victory, as they removed a hold on the border wall plans and now allow Trump to build what he refers to as "one of the largest sections" of said border wall, as reported by the Washington Times.

Trump will likely face pushback from Democrats on the construction of the border wall, as some of them wish for such things as open borders and no walls. However, there is already border structures along much of the border, such as fencing, but some Democrats ignore the fact that a wall-like structure already exists in some spaces, but it's simply not as robust or effective as Trump's design could be.

Stephen Dinan from the Washington Times reports:

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a ruling late Wednesday, had issued a stay on a lower court’s injunction against $3.6 billion in money that Mr. Trump had siphoned away from the Pentagon and ordered be used for wall construction.

The money was to make up for funds that he’d asked Congress to approve for the wall, but which lawmakers had refused to give him.

A district court had found that the president’s action violated the law, encroaching on Congress’s powers to govern where money is spent.


But the 5th Circuit, in a 2-1 decision, put that ruling on hold, giving the government a chance to start wall construction while the case proceeds.

There's also a possibility this could end up back in court and another decision is made. Until then, Trump will retain this victory and continue constructing the border wall.

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