Federal judge denies Jeffrey Epstein bail, calls him a ‘danger’ to the public

Big news on the Jeffrey Epstein situation breaks today as a federal judge has denied bail and cited that Epstein is a danger to the public. The judge also considered Epstein a flight risk, because there's a chance he could attempt to avoid being prosecuted for his alleged participation in child sex trafficking.

It was the honorable Judge Richard Berman who decided that Epstein, 66, should stay in jail pending his trial. Epstein could get himself up to 45 years in the slammer if he's convicted, which would likely mean the rest of his life.

Berman stated during a hearing in Manhattan, "I doubt any bail package could overcome dangerousness .... to community" and from there they decided that Epstein stays behind bars. Part of this decision also comes from two women who provided a testimony in which there is a true "fear for their safety."

The report by CNBC also said that "the judge also called Epstein’s proposal for bail “irretrievably inadequate.”

Epstein reportedly asked the judge to release him on a bond that was up to $100 million, or even more. CNBC says that "Epstein had also suggested strict bail conditions, which could include requiring him to remain in his New York City mansion, round-the-clock security monitoring and an electronic tracking device. But Berman said that prosecutors had established that Epstein could be dangerous by “clear and convincing evidence,” and had shown by a “preponderance” of evidence that he could flee. The judge noted Epstein’s “great wealth and his vast resources,” which include private planes and a residence in Paris. And Berman said Epstein’s possession of a passport issued by Austria worried him."

It's said that Epstein's picture is on an expired passport that has a different name and residences in Saudi Arabia. It was reportedly last used in the 1980's, as per the prosecutors.

Seems like the judge made the right decision. If Epstein has access to passports or residences in another country, there's a much better chance that he flees and no one finds him. Or, they find him, but can't do anything about it.

Now that Bill Clinton's alleged friend is locked up, what's next?

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