Feeling SALTY!! Media predicted 'TINY CROWD' for Trump's 4th of July event, but it was HUGE


The website Independent from the UK posted an article that suggested Trump's officials were worried about having a 'tiny crowd' at his 4th of July event, and in particular, his speech. They were 100% wrong and Trump's crowd was massive. Every mainstream and independent media faction out there who said Trump would have a small crowd must be feeling SALTY today when they see the pictures of the event.

It was massive. Do people forget that President Trump can draw a huge crowd everywhere he goes? Going to a Trump event is like going to Wrestlemania - it's fun, a little crazy, and it's all a good time. Trump has massive crowds everywhere he goes, and for some websites to suggest otherwise is just ridiculous.

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The website Independent published a story titled ‘Trump officials ‘fear embarrassingly tiny crowd’ for his Fourth of July speech’ but our lie detector test and pictures prove that was a lie. Come on, who on Trump's team thought his crowd would be tiny? Have they not seen his crowds in the last three years? HELLO!!!!!

Here are pics of Trump's 4th of July event.