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Feminist Troll Bakes Bread With Her Own Vaginal Yeast

A feminist shared on Twitter that she was baking sourdough bread with her own vaginal yeast and it set the Internet on fire hotter than the singe of an STD. The story on Women's Health likens the need of this recipe to getting revenge on a sexist uncle. I don't know what's worse - the sexist uncle or the feminist who would willingly slop her own goopy yeast into a bread baking session. Either way, there was probably a lot of people dry heaving at the part of the recipe where it's the gathering of the yeast is described. Specifically, the part where future bakers scrape scraps of their own vaginal yeast from the side of a dildo that burst in and out of the flaming walls of someone's itch-fest crotch.


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This is where you roll your eyes a little bit, look around to see if anyone is reading over your shoulder, and then continue reading like no one's watching (we are, and we're not judging). According to Women's Health, the feminist blogger's name is Zoe and she goes by "Another Angry Woman" on Twitter. Quite a fitting name for anyone interested in feeding people vag-yeast with the recipe she's cooking. No surprise she has her pronouns listed on her profile, but that seems to be a bit of jab at humor. 

Women's Health appears to consider feminists heroes if they bake bread with their own vaginal yeast, so I suppose we can add that to the list of accomplishments for the Tweeting, blogging, vaginal yeast bread baking lady.

I know why Women's Health refers to this as a hero situation, because now women who'd like to get revenge on people will bake some bread using Zoe's recipe. Women's Health links to Zoe's original article. Let's see what's there.

I arrived at her original article and it claimed that the article was moved to another location. I could tell it was a YouTube link so surely clicked on it. I figured maybe she had the article transcribed and was collecting some revenue from her video being played, but then it hit me. I was totally wrong. Only a male genius would think to do that (spontaneous sexism), I was expecting the recipe for baking vaginal yeast bread but instead I was Rick Rolled. That's a recipe for laughter, not vagina bread. How do I even react to this. I wanted to laugh, but for the first time in my life I was interested in a bread recipe. Now what do I bake?

The Women's Health article starts off talking about a situation where one might be man-hating their uncle, then pulls the UNO reverse card and turned it back to us. It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off.

There was one recipe for vaginal yeast bread listed on the Home Depot website. I'm kidding. There's a picture below.. Not that I have a vagina (yet) or was actually planning to bake this (no chance), but if I ever had to get revenge on a perverted or sexist uncle, then I certainly know what to bring to the family reunion.

I guess now is the time to tell you this itchy feminist recipe came out in 2015 and seems to circulate each November since the Women's Health version mentions Thanksgiving.

If that's what feminists put in their bread, then what's going in the cranberry sauce?


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