Feminist Professor Thinks Science is Racist and Should be Replaced

Sara Giordano is a professor at the University of California. She's a feminist who used to be a neuroscientist, but then she became a Women's Studies professor who teaches classes to students who probably aspire to wear the pink pussy hats at future Women's Marches. Giordano has been reported, by The Blaze, that she would like to “challenge the authority of science” by “rewriting” scientific facts from a feminist perspective that would likely avoid racism in science. Thanks to her we now know science has been racist all along, even though there's one catch - science is not racist.

The feminist professor wrote an essay that tried to argue about how "traditional science" should be eradicated, then replaced with a new science that is actually "anti-science" and lacks racism while focusing on the feminist variant of science. It's reported that she believes science is essentially racist, or rooted in racism, and that science was used to continue racism indefinitely. If you're still with me, then pause and try to think of something that's racist in science. You can think about it all day but you won't ever find anything because science is not racist.


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Think really hard to all your science classes. Remember biology and dissecting a frog, pig, or some other animal. That was racist, right? How about the lesson you learned on the planets and the galaxy - racist. What about learning about the parts of the human body, skeletal system, and nervous system - racist. What about learning the different types of animals and the food chain - racist. Everything in science must be racist according to this feminist professor.

Here is a few things she placed in her essay challenging science with her racist or anti-racist approach, followed by some other things relevant to her based on the report by TheBlaze and Campus Reform.

“[Science] earned its epistemic authority through its co-constitution with colonization and slavery,” and as a result, “relies on a colonial and racialized form of power.”

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Wrong. Science is science and people who want to be scientists become scientists and then they do science things. There is literally no connection between racism and science.

“At the root of the justification for social inequality then is Western science,” Giordano claimed, and said that scientific distinction between “humans and non-humans” has opened the doors for capitalism to be “justified as a natural economic system.”

What in tarnation is she babbling about here? There is obviously a distinction between humans and non-humans and science, capitalism, and racism have nothing to do with each other. 

Here are her ideas for a more feminist approach to science, which are so absurd that she should be observed by scientists to see what's wrong with her.

Giordano said that feminists should work together to eradicate the “assumption” that “science = truth.” and “We need to disrupt the epistemic authority of Science … [and] the assumption that science = truth,” Giordano wrote.?

Wrong. Science is truth because scientists prove it. If they can't prove something, then they keep trying until they're successful. There is no one on this planet who works more meticulously on theories than scientists. They literally live for breakthroughs.

Giordano suggested that this can be accomplished by introducing “feminist science practice that explicitly unsticks Science [sic] from Truth [sic].” 

Run this by a scientist and they will think she needs a brain surgeon to fix whatever is wrong with her. Giordano needs to be studied by science and we need to ensure this weapons level of insanity does not spread. She does not go into detail on how to do this, but it is merely her idea that feminist science should take over. Thankfully it was just an idea, because anyone reading into this knows that feminists are not quite all there and they probably should not be involved in science. The fact that she stopped being a neuroscientist to teach women's studies shows she clearly is unable to make a decision that's both respectful and intelligent. How do you turn down being a scientist to become a teacher of pointless classes for miserable women?

She also hopes that others will come to “embrace an irreverent disdain for traditional science and instead practice feminist science” and thinks we need a “much needed anti-science, anti-racist, feminist approach to knowledge production.” 

Wrong again. We do not need to change anything about science. Scientists around the world are doing an amazing job and they need to be given all the funding they can handle in order to accomplish the most amazing goals and tasks during their time on the planet.

What Giordano should do is focus on women's studies, stay out of science, go to Women's Marches, and live the irrelevant life she chose for herself.

Feminism is a huge problem in America because it produces people like this.

Can we stop calling everything racist? Science is based on facts and years of research - not racism.

If this is what Sara Giordano produces, then I feel bad for anyone who signed up for her classes at the University of California.

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