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Fire department mascot BANNED for being male, not inclusive to women

The politically correct crowd has reached a point of no return with one fire department as they've banned the well known mascot for being male. As stated on The Sun, the "Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue service has axed the 30-year-old favourite from promo material saying he is too male and puts off women from joining up."

Sounds absolutely crazy, right? That's because it is. The article continued, saying that "It follows complaints he was not inclusive. He will be replaced by in-house creations, the fire extinguisher-shaped Freddy, Filbert and Penelope.

But baffled residents said it was a ridiculous decision, comparing the characters to coloured frogs and giant male contraceptives.

Graphic designer Joe Carter, 44, from Lincoln, said: “Fireman Sam works for the fire service and is called Sam. What else do they need to include?"

What else do they need to include? How about nothing at all? The job of firemen is to teach safety, fight fires, and rescue people.

No offense, but I don't think women make good firefighters anyway. If I'm in a building burning down and there's two people who can save me - the big strong guy who can carry twice his weight, or the petite woman who freaks out when she breaks a nail, then I want that big strong guy to carry me down the ladder.

No offense ladies, but fighting fires and carrying people to safety while wearing 50lbs of gear requires brute strength and males are proven to be physically dominant and stronger.


Some might find that offensive, but it's the truth... and you all know it.

Banning a mascot for being too male is just another way the politically correct culture is ruining the planet.

One of my favorite non-gender revealed persons on the Internet is Titania McGrath. They (we don't say he or she anymore, right? LOL JK) said this:

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