First graders had access to teacher's gun that's supposed to protect them

Two first graders found themselves in a dangerous scenario after allegedly having access to a gun at an administrative office within Highland Elementary School in Ohio.

As part of an Ohio school’s concealed carry program, transportation director Vicky Nelson carries a gun with her on school grounds. She had left her gun in an unlocked plastic case near her desk while temporarily leaving the office to use the restroom. Those few minutes was all it took for the children to access the gun.


Her grandson and another first grader, the daughter of assistant transportation director Christine Scaffidi, were left alone in the office while Nelson used the restroom. When Scaffidi came into the office looking for Nelson, she found the gun on the top of Nelson's desk, out of it's case, with the children close by.

"I’m assuming that the child picked up the gun from behind the desk and had been holding it," Superintendent Dan Freund told The Columbus Dispatch. 

A firearms trainer with a local sheriff’s office who helped train teachers and administrators involved with the program told the paper that "what happened there was not consistent with the training provided, the policies and procedures or the conditions of being on the [concealed carry] team."


Freund suspended Nelson for three days without pay and took her out of the concealed carry program. He said that he "became physically sick" after learning about the horrible situation and added that "people were horrified".

The incident reportedly happened back in March, but Morrow County Sheriff John Hinton said he was never informed about it. How exactly the lapse in security remains unclear, but Hinton went on to say that there would have been an investigation into the matter if he had been notified sooner.

The district is now currently reviewing the concealed carry program.

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