5 Times We Messed Up Famous Movie Quotes

We have watched movies and were sure we heard one thing, but then it turned out to be something completely different. We were certain that we heard and repeated something exactly correct,  but apparently that is not always so. This is because we remember something incorrectly and our recollection of it is what becomes the version we accept. In other words, if we keep saying the same WRONG thing over and over, then eventually we begin to believe it.

Here are five times we got famous words really wrong.

1. Toy Story

Remember how Woody said there was a snake in his boot? Well apparently we have been remembering that wrong for years. What we remember is "There's a snake in my boot" but what Woody is saying is "There's a snake in my boots." This isn't a big deal because it's only one letter different, but we have probably all said the singular version.

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You can hear the S sound if you listen closely. It sounds like boot-S


2. ET

Remember the ET movie? Everyone always went around saying "ET phone home." It turns out E.T was not actually saying ET phone home but instead he was saying "ET home phone." Mind blown, right? We've been saying it BACKWARDS for years. Maybe ET needs to come back and change his own quote. But.... at times we think he says both versions. Here's a clip that suggests we're lost in the Mandela effect.

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3. Forrest Gump

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get". Remember that quote from Forrest Gump? I sure do. If you do remember it, then you may remember it wrong and probably said it while drinking brews with friends at a party. He actually said it like this: "Life WAS like a box of chocolates." Yeah, I had no idea either and I'll probably still say it the wrong way by accident.


4. Star Wars Episode 4

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Remember that famous line from Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker? "Luke, I am your Father." It turns out Darth Vader was not saying Luke but instead was saying no. The quote is in actual fact "No, I am your Father." Hard to believe for years I thought it was Luke. Literally everyone and everything says it the way we all do - LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER. Well darn, we're all wrong. Have you ever heard anyone say it correctly? I haven't. I bet even Luke heard it the way we did.


5. The Wizard of Oz

I remember watching this movie as a child. I used to love this movie so I always remember that one line "fly my pretties, fly."  I was shocked to hear that the wicked witch was not actually saying "fly my pretties, fly" but instead she was saying "fly fly fly." At this point I'm going to watch every one of these on YouTube and see if I can retrain my brain to say things correctly.

My mind is literally in shock as I'm learning that everything I know about these five moments in cinematic history have been repeated INCORRECTLY by millions of people.

What have we done to movies!

I wonder how many other movie quotes exist that are incorrectly repeated.  It's crazy to think that we said the wrong quotes because that is what they sounded like.

Do you know any other quotes that are different to what we actually think they are? Or maybe you got some of these movie quotes and many others right when everyone else was saying something else.

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