FL airport shut down over 'suspicious package' that was provisional ballot box, says report

It was late Sunday night when the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shut down after an Avis employee discovered a 'suspicious package' left in a car turned in by a Broward County employee. That package turned out to be a provisional ballot box. If you thought Florida's voting controversy couldn't get any more bizarre, then this surely takes the cake!

The airport is back to normal functionality.

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The Broward Sheriff Twitter account posted some small details on what was going on, stating "Our deputies and bomb squad are responding to a report of a suspicious package outside @FLLFlyer Terminal 4."

An independent reporter claims to have photographs of the ballot boxes. However, the photo shows multiple boxes and it is unclear if the rental car left behind contained all of those boxes or just one. That has not been made clear, as of yet. The independent reporter claimed they had a "source" but did not identify their source, so it appears skeptical until more is verified or the source is named and confirms it themselves as well.

However, the police certainly appear to be there talking to an Avis employee and looking at boxes on the floor. That is evidence of something strange going on, but we should remain diligent in finding more facts before deciding what actually just happened.

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The 'all clear' has been given at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport.

Many news outlets have reported on the airport closure due to 'suspicious package' but have not included the part with the provisional ballot box.

This story is worth keeping an eye on to see how it develops and what information comes out of it.

One question to ask: if you're a Broward employee who is responsible for driving the provisional ballots somewhere, then how do you forget they are in the car?

What really happened here?

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