Flat Earth Researcher Launches Himself In Man-Made Rocket to Prove He's Still a Dumbass

Mad Mike Hughes set out to prove the Earth was flat, but he ended up proving that he's just a big dumbass. The 61-year-old launched himself in what looked to be a man-made rocket. He was inside. He launched up into the sky, barely reaching a height that made any sense, and no one is quite sure exactly what he accomplished besides being injured in his crash back to the Earth when the rocket made what looked to be a faster than expected descent.

We're not sure what he accomplished in the short seconds he was extended in the air, but we're sure it was a groundbreaking science revelation that proves everything back to the age of dinosaurs. Once he launched up into NOT space, he came back to Earth fairly quickly. Upon his slight crash landing, he was then seen to be injured and taken to get checked.

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The funny part about his 'research' or 'experiment' is that he could have gotten to a higher altitude if he just bought a plane ticket at the nearest airport and asked for a window seat.

Here is Mad Mike's rocket launch video. It's admirable that he built a large scale model rocket that works and lived to tell his story, but thanks for the laughs. May we suggest finding the edge of the Earth instead?


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