Fleas with giant penises invading homes after crazy breeding season

NOT MILLIONS BUT BILLIONS of fleas are invading British homes as we speak, including "porn star" mutants with huge penises- and the bad weather is the culprit.

A mix of a warm winter which saw temperatures over 19C followed by a mild & rainy summer created the perfect conditions for fleas to thrive, and come banging on doors of workplaces around Great Britain.

They have bigger appendages, two times bigger than their own body, and the biggest dong on the planet relative to their small size. The breeding season has started, with male flies rushing ecstatically from female to female. Females repeatedly give birth at a quick rate, which means they can spread everywhere and infest homes or offices with incredible speed. They usually creep into our home with our beloved animals, hiding in carpets and furniture where the males mate with females.



Their population has seemed to have grown rapidly in recent years, but the risk of an infestation could be bigger than ever as they thrive in a warm and humid environment they are likely to be present in great numbers during the next period of summer. One reason for this new phenomenon is that more and more people are leaving their central heating on, longer and longer than the previous year.



The RSPCA says that a flea can live between 14 days up to a whole year, although their survival rate without a host is high for a few months, the female when laying eggs can lay over 50 little ones. British Pest Control Association says that you should regularly treat pets with flea-repellent, removing the infested bedding in your house and treating walls and floors on a regular basis to prevent the little buggers from returning.

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