Florida couple can plant veggies in front yard after winning SIX YEAR legal battle

Image source: npr.org

Six years ago, retired architect Hermine Ricketts and her husband had to remove all the vegetables from their edible garden, placed in the sunniest part of their home in Miami Shore: the front yard.


They had received a notice from local authorities, which said that planting vegetables in front of the houses had become illegal in the area, perhaps for aestethic reasons. The violators of the ban on edible gardens in front yards were going to be charged with a daily $50 fine.

But Hermine didn’t give up on her beautiful kale, cabbage and tomatoes, that earned her hundreds of compliments from the neighbors: she initiated a 6-year legal battle to get the permission to enjoy her property as she pleases.

According to Npr.org, she ended up asking for help from the Institute for Justice to defend her garden.


On Monday, the woman could finally plant her favorite veggies in her front lawn again: Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill aimed to protect edible gardens in Florida, including the ones that are placed in front yards.

As soon as they received the good news, Hermine and her husband celebrated by replanting all of their favorite vegetables again, with the help of Institute for Justice’s attorneys.

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