Ford dealership offers free shotgun, Bible and American flag to customers

Selling a car is not an easy task, and that's why many dealerships offer bonuses to their customers. Still, no one is doing it like one Alabama Ford Dealership which offers a King James Bible, American flag and even a shotgun!

The small dealership from Chaton created a campaign named "God, Guns and Freedom" which was planned to run until July 31, and general manager of the company Koby Palmer filmed a video for their Facebook page where he presented the offer. This clip went viral, but Mr. Palmer says the proposal is real and based on local values. In his words, their community is safe, very proud of the United States, and people are fond of guns because most of them love to go hunting.


Also, while anyone who buys a car from their dealership will get the Bible and an American flag, they are not giving away guns but only a certificate to claim one. That means that a new Ford owner has to drive away to one of the licensed arms dealers in Alabama or Mississippi where a background check is performed before they can claim the shotgun. Finally, Mr. Palmer says that he respects other people's beliefs, as the offer is optional, so the customer can refuse to take any of these free items.

In a twist, the original video is deleted, and a new one was posted, but without a shotgun. Instead, future customers will get $200 certificate, together with a Bible and an American flag. This decision came after Ford Motor Company asked for this campaign to be removed. This dealership from Alabama claims that their offer was a success as it was met with a positive attitude because they are now selling one vehicle per day on average, which is better than ever before!


Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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