Former executive producer writes tear jerking letter to his late Mother

Dean Sicoli who produced Larry king live and The Eleventh victim wrote a letter to his mom that went viral. After his mom died, he opened up about his feelings for her. This letter he wrote to his mom revealed his love for his mom. Also revealed his respect for the mother's struggle and the lessons he learned from it.
His story goes back to the days when he used to ignore his family because of work stress. He spent most of his time on work calls and emails. He couldn't spend much quality time with his family. His mom's death made him realize the importance of life. We cant help but agree, it is hard to change. Sicoli's mom asked him to change the way he is living a stressful life. Fortunately, he did.

Sicoli wrote a letter to his mother after she died to address the things he ignored for so long. To be thankful to her for the struggles, sacrifices, love and care. Although it was too late, but better late then never.

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In this letter Sicoli wrote that he is thankful to his mom for the love she poured on him, the lessons she taught him and just being there for him. He also wrote about the regret he has, for not reverting the same care to her when he had the chance.

It’s Mother’s Day, so it is the perfect time to thank you, mom, for all the things you’ve done and taught me these past 45 years.

Thank you mom for having me. It was 1971 and I know it was hard for you and dad to have babies. You had so many countless surgeries just to have a baby. Thank you for all the pain and sadness you went through just so you were able to get pregnant.  Lord knows technology back then was very different from today. Thank you for wanting me and my brother so much. What a gift.

Thank you mom for loving me.  I know your mom died when you were just 12 and you’ve had so much pain in your life. But you never… ever passed any of that pain down to me.  Ever. Thank you.

This letter is an eye opener for all those young kids who feel grateful to their parents but never say it. We must not forget that as we grow up, our parents grow older. It is one of the most harsh realities of life that soon we will lose them. The best thing we can do for them is be at our best behavior around them, care for them just like they did, love them, and be thankful everyday.

Sicoli's letter made me remember the sacrifices my parents have made so far, to make me whatever I am today. Our parents just gives away everything they have and won't ask anything in return.
We should be glad that we get to experience this unconditional love. Our generation is so busy getting stuck in social media that we don't have enough time to spend with the parents. We don't even regret it until they are gone.

I wish after reading this blog and the letter, we go back to our parents & try to change. We have lost the essence of gratitude towards our parents. Despite of everything they do, they still are not our first priority.
We must change today. This is a good time to remind our parents how much we love them. Let us remind them the sacrifices they have made haven't gone unnoticed. All the times my mother told me that she loves me is a moment of faith regained for me. These moments have left a great impact on me and my life.

We must do the only thing we can do to make them feel better. We must tell them we are thankful.

Love your parents and let them know how much they matter, before it is too late.

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