Former firefighter stops armored suspect who has 100 rounds of ammunition at Walmart

Police arrived to the scene of a potential active shooter at a Walmart in Springfield, MO to find a man dressed in a vest, carrying 100 rounds of ammunition, and thankfully being held by a former firefighter who was not about to let another tragedy happen.

The police apprehended a 20-year-old named Dmitriy N. Andreychenko and booked him on "suspicion of first-degree making a terroristic threat." The prosecutor, Dan Patterson of Greene County, has not filed the formal charges yet.

So what happened?


KY 3 reports that cops were called about the active shooter.

Cops arrived within a few minutes and saw the man who appeared to be wearing body armor and a mask on his face. He was also holding what looked like tactical weapons.

Police said the man walked into the Walmart and started pushing around a cart in the store, somewhat like a shopper would do on a normal day.

The report on KY3 continues, saying the "police say the man was recording himself walking through the store via a cell phone. The store manager at the Neighborhood Market pulled a fire alarm, urging people to escape the store.

Police say Andreychenko then made his way out an emergency exit where a former firefighter held the man at gunpoint. At that moment Springfield Police arrived on scene and detained the man."

The suspect did not fire any shots, but he did cause a bit of chaos as people who saw him went into hiding.

The motive of the suspect's actions remain unclear.

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