Former judge dragged out of court and sent to jail

Chaos breaks out in an Ohio courtroom as a former juvenile judge was sent to jail. Well, she was dragged out of the court with her feet dangling on the ground, and then hauled off to jail. This is the culmination of "years-long legal challenges to her sentence" according to a report from

There were some some supporters there trying to keep former judge Tracie Hunter out of jail, but the judge wasn't having it and chaos ensued as he gave his ruling.

Fox8 stated that "Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker ordered her six-month jail sentence carried out after a contentious hearing in which he read from postcards with critical comments sent to his home in Hunter’s support. He called them an apparent intimidation attempt that “flat-out failed.”


Hunter, 52, had gone to multiple courts to challenge her 2014 conviction and sentence on a felony count of unlawful interest in a public contract, which charged that she provided a confidential document to her brother when he faced a disciplinary hearing in his court job. A federal judge in May rejected her bid to avoid jail.

She had stood trial on either other counts that were dismissed after jurors couldn’t agree on a verdict.

Defense attorney David Singleton said she has already endured years of uncertainty and lost her job and law license for what he called an unjust conviction and a sentence that is out of proportion."


Seems like her defense tried to say she was punished enough for already losing her job and for the judge not to waste taxpayer money incarcerating her. Singleton also said Hunter needs to take care of her elderly mom.

That didn't keep Tracie Hunter out of jail.

Some believe the jail punishment was political and a Democrat mayor named John Cranley even wrote a letter to Dinkelacker trying to keep Tracie Hunter out of jail. That didn't work either.

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A prosecutor named Joe Deters wrote his own letter to the judge and said that Hunter has not ever shown any sign of remorse for her wrong doings.

Fox 8 quoted him as saying that "She has been incredibly disrespectful to you and the justice system" and suggested Hunter go through a mental examination.

As reported by WLWT on YouTube, Hunter is to serve six months in jail after the long legal battle that came from a felony charge she faced for illegally helping her brother keep his county job. It appears she used her position as judge to do so, and that's when the big legal battle broke out and lead to years of back and forth.

Here we are watching Tracie Hunter dragged out of court and going to jail.

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