Former Secret Service Agent dares Democrats to explain why "walls don't work" and the response is priceless


Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino dared Democrats to explain why "walls don't work" and the responses were hilarious. This all stems from the debate surrounding President Donald Trump's proposal for a border wall, which has the government shutdown because Democrats won't agree to protect the border using the barriers. Not to mention that we already have some fences and barriers in some locations and the "national emergency" situation near those locations is not present, thanks to CNN's Jim Acosta for pointing it out as he stood next to a steel slat barrier.

Either way, the fact of the matter is that a wall would actually work as a deterrent and make it more difficult for people to cross the border illegally. It won't prevent every illegal immigrant, but it will drastically reduce the numbers of people breaking into America. People who have a fence around their yard to keep their dog in, and other dogs out - it works, right? If it doesn't work because dogs jump over it, then it would work if it was just a bit higher, amiright?

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Here's what Dan Bongino wrote on Twitter, followed by some funny replies that he received. You can't make this stuff up.

"If “walls don’t work” please explain why. And if walls don’t work what will drones or cameras do? You’ll get a nice video or movie of law-breaking with no obstruction to prevent it. This really isn’t hard."

So where are the Democrat responses? There really wasn't any! At least not anything worth posting. Bongino had over 1,000 replies to his question and it was mostly people supporting the Trump wall.

If you're against the Trump border wall, then can you explain why in the comments?

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