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Fox News poll says more Americans want Trump impeached


According to a Fox News poll, half of the voters' population demand that current U.S. President Donald Trump be impeached and removed from the office. About 51 percent wants the president to both be impeached and removed from office immediately. About 4 percent favor impeachment but not his removal. Then, 40 percent oppose the impeachment from even taking place. 


The support for impeachment rose since July; up to 11 points among Democrats, 5 points with Republicans and 3 with independents. 


Voters from swing counties' support for the impeachment rose to 52 percent this month, 10 points added from its July census with 42 percent. The support for impeachment only rose due to the impeachment inquiry. This is due to the U.S. - Ukraine call where president Trump is being accused of improperly pressuring Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his dealings with the country. 



85 percent of Democrats favor to impeach the president with 76 percent calling the call as an impeachable offense. About 39 percent of independents favor impeachment, and 30 percent also believe that the Ukraine call is impeachable. 



Four out of ten voters oppose the impeachment for various reasons. 21 percent believes that the president did nothing wrong, 20 percent believe that it is politically motivated and 15 percent believe that the allegations are not true. 


The president's approval rate also suffered, reaching 43 percent. In the current poll, only 86 percent of Republicans approve of his job performance. 


39 percent of voters believe that the President is actually putting the country first. However, about 38 percent believes that the Ukraine call and supposed dealings is troubling. The same can be said about Biden and his son's business dealings with about 19 percent of voters saying that the allegations are also troubling. 


This poll only proves that Washington leaders will remain unpopular to the people no matter what they do. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's favorability rating is down by 6 points. Still, she has the highest favorable rating of Capitol Hill leadership. 


Since releasing this poll, Fox News received disapproval from viewers, others tweeting their support for the president.  

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