Fox News Releases List of 5 Wealthiest U.S. Presidents And The Results Are Not Shocking

Fox News released their list of top 5 wealthiest United States and it's no surprise that Donald Trump is on top. The author also wrote a lot of other information that no one cares about, so here's the list in actual list format, like a list should be.
Donald Trump Net worth: $3.1 billion

  1. John F. Kennedy Net worth: $1 billion
  2. George Washington Net worth: $525 million
  3. Thomas Jefferson Net worth: $212 million
  4. Theodore Roosevelt Net worth: $125 million

Former President Barack Obama's net worth is only $40 million, so clearly that's racist. He probably didn't have an equal opportunity. The man is always holding him down, and by that, some people might think that's Michelle Obama.

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