Freak storm buries city in 3 feet of ice in middle of summer

Summers in Guadalajara, Mexico are very hot, but the local population got a surprising refreshment which can be described as a freak storm. After it has ended, the whole city was under three feet of ice that covered cars, yards, and even roads.

The whole thing happened on Saturday, and on Sunday morning local government started the cleanup and pumping out vast amounts of water due to melting. Governor Enrique Alfaro didn't even try to convince journalists that he wasn't surprised. In his words, he never saw something like this happen in Guadalajara, and is asking himself is this caused by climate change.


According to AFP, the situation was even worse in some parts of the town, where the ice was five feet deep, and even more.

Unfortunately, the hailstorm did a lot of damage, so around 200 buildings need to be repaired as about 50 cars. Luckily, no one was injured, and there were no casualties, says Alfaro.

Still, local protection service claims that there are three cases of hypothermia, but they are not confirmed. Before the storm, temperatures in Guadalajara were around 88 degrees.


Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli agrees that this storm was surprising and that he never saw something like this, but knows what happened here. As he explains, on the satellite images, there was a line of clouds moving before they came to an atmospheric boundary which can be everything from warm or cold air to a wind shift.

Whatever it was, it ignited the storm which lasted much longer than usual because it was feeding of warm and probably moist air which was there in abundance. Guadalajara is almost 5000 feet above sea level and summer months bring a lot of rain and even thunderstorms.

Nothing like this happened ever before, and locals may be hoping it never will again.

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