Just FREED man gets locked up minutes later after trying to steal car from JAIL parking lot

It's a well-known fact that many former inmates return to jail more than once, but Dennis Libonati from Florida (68) has probably set a record as he committed a crime almost instantly after he left his prison cell.

Liboneti made an outrageous move as he tried to steal the car from the prison parking lot, attempting to break inside sheriff's vehicles, as it was revealed. Libonati tried to get inside at least 26 different vehicles, but his lack of practice made him unsuccessful.

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Just as he was getting close to stealing one by hot-wiring a Kawasaki ATV finally, the police arrived and stopped him in his tracks. A former and future jailbird never resisted the arrest and admitted that he was trying to steal any vehicle as no one was coming to pick him up. At the moment, he is back in his former cell and is waiting for the trial.

He will be hit with record 28 charges which include 26 attempted car burglaries, getting inside the pickup truck, and of course, his biggest success - grand theft auto of ATV. To make things worse, Libonati was on probation, meaning his sentence might be even longer, though it's not being said what kind of punishment he can expect.

Dennis Libonatti was in jail since March 2019 because of trespassing charge, and 11 days before, he was already charged with battery. Last November, certain Klaid Karpuzi (41) did the same, as he was trying to steal the car from the jail parking lot, minutes after he's been released.

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He was even less fortunate than the hero of our story, as he was breaking in the car which was occupied by a deputy who was behind the wheel. As Karpuzi admitted, he heard the engine running and wasn't even thinking that someone might be in the car.

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