Fresh Prince's Alfonso Ribeiro suing Fortnite over the 'Carlton Dance'


Epic Games is getting sued by Alfonso Ribeiro regarding using the "Carlton Banks" dance that was popular in the show "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" which starred Will Smith. If you ever watched the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, then you probably know what the Carlton Dance looks like. Even if you haven't seen the show, you probably still know what the dance looks like and you give it the same look that Will Smith gave Alfonso Ribeiro every time he cranked out that funny dance in his college sweater.

Years later, well after the show stopped production, Fresh Prince's Alfonso Ribeiro gets to see his 'Carlton Dance' in numerous video games such as Fortnite, the ultimately boring game where tons of people walk around pretending they're playing Minecraft, then for 28 seconds remember the game is a first person shooter. The 'Carlton Dance' was also used in 2K, the basketball game, and they're getting sued too!

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Fortnite has a ton of viral dances in their game, but it seems like Ribeiro would like to have some compensation for his 'intellectual property' being used. He reportedly wasn't asked or even given credit for the dance, which probably would've been nice. Fortnite called the emote, "fresh" but maybe they could've called it the "Carlton Dance" if they had reached out to him and talked about it.

Here's the dance.