From Hot to Not! Former Playboy Model Busted with METH

From the cover of Playboy and five apparitions in "The girl next door" (or "The Girls of the Playboy Mansion" if it sounds more familiar), Valerie Manson found herself posing for the camera in a different way. This time, the camera took her mugshot.

The former playmate was detained and arrested Friday night in Louisiana, along with two other people, for possession of a dangerous substance - meth.

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That's a schedule II felony in Louisiana. Police officers found hypodermic needles on the driver and in the car, plus around 2 grams of meth on the passenger car door panel, where Mason was sitting.

She was released Saturday afternoon from Oachita Parish Sherrif's office, with a $3000 bond. Needles to say, fame and good looks can have an ugly side.

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