Funny Dad confronts daughter wearing short shorts

Being a parent these days can be a truly tough task. Especially if your daughter is 14 years old and you still consider her as your lovely kid, while in reality, she is already in her adolescence years. In this age, some girls already start to dress clothes that they want to impress the opposite sex with. And that was also the case with Kendall Hilley, 14 year old girl from Orlando.

She loved her shorts, but in her daddy's eyes they were definitely too short, even as for the shorts. So, 39 year old dad named Jason Hilley decided to do something about "inappropriate", in his view, clothes of his little daughter. But instead of traditional shouting, threatening and the usual stuff that some parents do, he came up with something different. Jason decided to show his lovely daughter how "bad" her clothes really are, by putting the same type of short shorts on his hairy legs. He even said that if she continues to wear these "really short shorts", he will start to pick her up from school in his "special shorts".


Dad's sense of humor convinced Kendall to cool down things a little bit. She promised that from this moment she will only wear longer pants (was the view of dad's hairy legs in shorts that convinced her to it?).

And what about Jason, that funny father from Orlando with his own brilliant ideas? Well, as his argument with daughter was videotaped by his wife, Jason quickly became a social media star. Video where people may see him wearing short pants, quickly went viral and was watched by hundreds of thousands of people. Just like his Facebook, that was flooded with (mostly positive) comments from people and parents from all around.

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