Future Losers of America: Why Urban Education is Horrible

A viral video of a teacher calling a student a b*tch was traveling all over Facebook and people are defending the teacher left and right. The teacher who called her student a b*tch did a great job fighting back and we need to see more of that. We need more teachers standing up for themselves and giving these idiot kids a reality check. But the conversation doesn't stop there. The viral video of the teacher standing up for herself really makes you think about the true problem with the public education system and American high schools. 

There's a lot of good reasons why public education gets a bad reputation and it mostly stems from the urban population where high school students are constantly failing, dropping out, committing crime, and having kids while they're still kids themselves. Or the always popular - you're not cool if you're smart attitude. The idea that getting good grades in the hood is a horrible thing and everyone should be failures, in jail, on welfare, and losers like the rest of them is more important.  A never-ending cycle of people who don't care about education, but care more about buying their 2-year-old Nike Air Jordan's for $100 while their other kids go to school with no lunch. The notion that sitting on SnapChat doing each other's hair and Facebooking your boo all night instead of doing your kid's homework runs rampant in urban America.

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All these problems create the perfect future high school drop outs and losers. These are people who will work at McDonald's when they're 30-years-old and protest for $15 an hour. These are people who will blatantly break the law, refuse to comply to police orders, then get shot and have their equally uneducated dummy friends protesting and looting their own neighborhoods. These are people who simply don't care about themselves, their neighborhood, or each other.

Why though? The kids don't care because the parents don't care. Some of the parents want their kids to be losers like they are. Some of the parents had kids when they were 15, then their kids had kids when they were 15, and now you've got yourself a 30-year-old grandmother. Does that sound right to you? Nope.

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Why don't our parents in urban areas start caring about education, teaching their kids some damn respect, and stop being their kid's friend and thinking everything is cool. When a child is calling a teacher a "b*tch" and getting called out for it, then that parent needs to address their child and their horrible behavior. The teacher is fine. The teacher did nothing wrong. The teacher only defended themselves and threw that kid's crap right back in their face like they deserved.

This lack of caring about education in urban areas which are white, black, Latino, and like five Asian kids need a huge change and it doesn't come from any funding, politicians, or anything else. It comes from the parents at home. Once the kids start going to class instead of skipping it, start doing homework instead of throwing it out, and start respecting adults and each other instead of attacking people physically and verbally - then public education in urban areas will be on the rise. Then people will slowly work their own way out of poverty, gain amazing high paying jobs from going to college or trade schools, and neighborhoods will come up.

Take a step into any urban area and what do you see? Trash everywhere. Why do people constantly throw their trash on the ground outside? There are literally trash cans everywhere in most major cities. There are trashcans inside people's homes. There are places people can put trash that is not on the ground, yet people want to throw every empty bag of chips and soda container on the ground. People in urban areas throw their trash on their own front step, then they want to talk about "well it's a bad neighborhood" and they're full of crap. It wasn't a bad neighborhood until these low-reading level littering a-holes moved in.

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Every single neighborhood in America started off nice, but then when the disgusting people moved in, that's when certain neighborhoods turned to crap. How about picking up the trash? Neighborhoods would look nice if they were clean. That's really all it takes to turn a neighborhood around.

Stay in school and value education over the hood life. Respect all elders, teachers, and parents. Keep your streets and neighborhood clean. If people can do those three things, then every bad school and community will turn around for the better. There might still be some crime, but it's all about the mindset, discipline, and changing the outlook on things such as education. It's all about parents taking responsibility for their kids and learning how to prioritize and value things that are actually important.

The dropout rate in urban public high schools is too darn high and it's not the teacher's fault. It's not the school's fault. It's not the government's fault.

America needs every parent and high school student to realize how important they are, how important their education is, and how amazing their life will be if they take high school seriously and then choose a college or trade school afterwards.

It's time for urban America to get woke and start winning. Education is the key to your success so start taking it serious before you're 25 and reading like a 3rd grader.

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