This one picture shows what's really happening at the border

Liberals are telling everyone that Trump's government is teargassing children. This photograph takes a deeper look and explains things a little bit better. Anyone who was teargassed was likely attempting to cross the border illegally. There are over 300 ports of entry to enter America the correct way. People are told to stand in line and wait like everyone else, but if they try to break the law, then they get the tear gas. It's not that hard to understand. If you walked thousands of miles to get to America, then waiting in line to enter the legal way would be no issue to you. Either this is fake, or people are just breaking the law. Either way, the liberal pundits are trying to convince people with fake outrage that something bad is going on. Yeah, I know what's bad - dragging your kid a thousand miles by foot to another country and then trying to get them to break the law. That's child abuse.

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