Mary Frates, 86, is the lucky grandmother to John Frates, a 17-year-old teenager who loves making others feel better! Mrs. Frates had a passion for word search games that met an end when her dementia prevented her from keeping on with her hobby of searching words. However, her thoughtful grandson, John, came up with an easy and practical solution that allowed not only Mrs. Frates but many more senior citizens to continue enjoying their favorite pastime!

What did he do? From a pragmatic perspective, John modified his grandma's word puzzles by adding a bigger font and locating the words in an easier way, avoiding diagonal spellings or backwards words. This way, his grandma is still able to spend her leisure time finding words while keeping her brain active!

This has not only changed the game for Mary, but also for other senior residents at the nursing home where she lives. When John saw how well his grandma had welcomed his word puzzles, he didn't hesitate in creating more for her fellow residents, as well affected by various stages of Alzheimer's. 

John's approach has gone beyond the traditional senior editions of this kind of games, where the content is just the same but with a larger font, without taking into account other limitations. This simple idea has made this puzzles actually accessible for those whose intellectual abilities are diminished by their condition, yet they still want to keep their brains under training!

His book has been published under the name "Grandma and Grandpa's Word Searches" but his generosity doesn't end here. The young man has made sure that all of the profits from the sales of the little book go to Alzheimer's Association! 

To Mary's grandson, this is not even the most rewarding part. While he appreciates how well the product has been welcomed by seniors, elderly homes and families, to him this is nothing compared to the joy in his grandma's eyes when she found herself able to find words in the puzzle once again. 

This young gentleman has a heart of pure gold! He intends to continue helping not only his grandmother, but also other patients of dementia as well as their families and he hopes to keep on raising funds for the Alzheimer's Association. Who knows? Perhaps someday a suitable treatment will be found and his brilliant work will no longer be needed! Until then, kudos to this generous and thoughtful teen from Massachusetts!

He is literally a game, or puzzle, changer!

Source: goodnewsnetwork,