Video of gecko eaten by ants

Welcome to nature where we have a food chain in which we eat each other. This is a time lapse video of a gecko eaten by ants. The ants in this video devour an entire gecko, straight down to the bone, leaving little to no scraps for the next carnivore to harvest.

This is very interesting because the ants eat EVERY part of the gecko like a hungry person eating? delicious BBQ ribs. The ants even take the skull and move it around. And you thought ants just hung around eating crumbs at a picnic?

Think again! This is one of our more interesting animal videos.

If you let nature run its course, then you can be sure to see some very interesting things. Animals live on instincts and do what they need to survive. However, when a fly lands on a bug light at night, that's a bit questionable! You'd think they would see the first 1,000 bugs get zapped and think "maybe that's not a good idea!" When you're done here, then go watch monkeys take over a village. You'll crack up at how funny the monkeys are, but I don't think it's funny for the villagers. They're probably tired of the monkey business!

Posted on July 5, 2016 in Viral